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Nature's Balm

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Nature called to lend a helping hand! Specifically formulated and handcrafted to perfection. This balm was made for YOU. Using only pure, small batch and hand harvested essential oils we created a balm to help soothe a joint or get local relief. All of the 9 essential oils are all formulated and grown with intention to give you the best quality balm.


We blend natural essential oil in our balm like; coneflower, jewelweed, hyssop, comfrey, hemp, and lavender oil. Adding white willow bark, beeswax in the mix, and boom! You have your natural topical balm. It comes in a 2oz container that is easy to take with you for use on the go. If your looking for a natural product that works on demand look no further. This product is quality tested for contaminates and quality.