Recovery Balm

Nature called to lend a helping hand! Specifically formulated and handcrafted to perfection. This balm was made for YOU. Using only pure, small batches and hand-harvested essential oils we created a balm to help soothe a joint or get local relief. All of the 9 essential oils are formulated and grown to give you the best experience.

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Grown by nature, crafted by us.

All of our products start from a small seed of hope in the spring to a thriving succulent plant during the summer to be harvested in the fall and unified in the Winter.

About us
  • Sourced

    We source all of our products in the United States and our focus is small farms with sustainable practices.

  • Blended

    We custom formulate the remedies in a food-grade facility, test all our products for contaminates, and try the product first hand. This ensures the highest quality to you.

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Why use essential oils?

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